28 December 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Nine: Chemical Lab

After almost a month off, the remaining Muppets are back exploring another deadly room in the massive space station.

27 December 2022

Our house

Here's a quick (ha!) model of our house I knocked up for Alicia to use as a Christmas decoration.

24 December 2022

Sanctified One

Something something Etsy, something something ooo that's horrible, something something debit card.

17 December 2022

Scout Drones

Three scout drones are ready to take out the Muppets.

9 December 2022

Alien: Fate of the Nostromo

We have Amazon to thank for this. 

8 December 2022

Empirical Absolution and Liquidation Squad

Nobody expects the Empirical Absolution and Liquidation Squad!

30 November 2022

Calden Keep: Lordsguard

When I spotted these horrible chaps on Etsy, the first thing that went through my mind was, "This is what Chaos should look like". Evil, repulsive and violent, not just some blokes in armour with horned helmets.

29 November 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Eight: Environmental Control Room

Once again, apologies for the paucity of posts this month. Work has been getting in the way, but thanks to our benevolent corporate overlords cutting our hours back by a frankly ridiculous amount given Christmas is coming up, I should have more time next week to update the blog and comment on others.

10 November 2022

Alien Nation 2

"Get a job," she said. "It'll be fun," she said. "You'll meet people and have money. Something easy, you only need to do about twenty hours a week," she said.

30 October 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Seven: Disused Bay

Can the four remaining Muppets survive this mission? Read on to find out!

23 October 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Six: The Science Lab

When we left the Muppets last time they'd survived a virus bomb, mutants and two huge gun turrets only to have the floor collapse under them, sending the crew plummeting into the Science Lab!

20 October 2022

Zombtober: Zombie Astronauts

These guys didn't come out as well as I hoped thanks to the spray primer, but I still like them. 

14 October 2022

Sphere Drones

Three drones hide behind a piece of alien machinery, waiting for our intrepid heroes to come into range...

11 October 2022

Zombtober/Apocalypse Me: Zombie Matt

FINALLY I've managed to get a Zombtober and Apocalypse Me entry done. Work really does get in the bloody way of fun.

2 October 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Five: Pod 6

I'm on the Space Station Zero Reddit and Facebook groups, and Pod 6 is the mission I've heard the most about. It's supposed to be one of the toughest levels to defeat and people have reported losing crew members left, right and centre on this level, including one guy who had six of his seven crew killed. Gulp.

30 September 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Four: The Darkened Hallway

"The Darkened Hallway" is a bit of a boring name for a level. Why not Hallway of Horror? Corridor of Consternation? Passage of Pain? Wait, that last one makes it sound like the crew went out for a vindaloo last night.

28 September 2022

Vashtal and Axon

It's just occurred to me that two of the Muppets, my intrepid pirate band I use in Space Station Zero, haven't been featured on the site. So here they are!

27 September 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Three: Fabrication Bay

Mission 3 was a blinding success for the Muppets, with only one slight problem marring their victory.

26 September 2022

Swarm Drones

I needed three swarm drones for a Space Station Zero mission, and at first I looked at buying some android models from either Reaper or Etsy. But then I remembered the five Iron Golems I'd got for the price of one thanks to an Amazon seller screwing up, so I dug those out of their box and set to work...

23 September 2022

The Vurasoor

The Vurasoor are a trio of female soldiers who were once part of a special operations team fighting for the Collective, an alliance of human colony planets. After a disastrous mission in which they were betrayed by their so-called allies, they abandoned the cause, repainted their armour and now fight for themselves.

20 September 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Two: The Repair Bay

I'm treating my first game of Space Station Zero as a training exercise, not only for the seven wallies who make up my team but also for the wally in charge, i.e. me. At the end of the first mission I rolled against a table and got a four, so next up is the Repair Bay!

15 September 2022

Space Station Zero: The first game

Well this was a massacre. I need a name for my team and right now The Muppets seems apt.

14 September 2022

The Sentinels

I meant to post this about 10 days ago as my final Season of Scenery entry, but totally forgot what with the sci-fi scenery and getting into Space Station Zero. And thanks to a cock-up on my part, there are no sentinels. I just couldn't think of another title.

12 September 2022

The scenic route to a game

In a twist of irony I've been absent thanks to being busy making a ton of scenery.

29 August 2022

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The galaxy can be a lawless place, with rogues, malcontents, ne'er-do-wells and general scum lurking on every planet. And that's just the cops. Don't get me started on the civilians.

24 August 2022

Girl power

All four of these minis are by Reaper, and they're really good sculpts with lots of detail that doesn't drive you up the wall like some other manufacturers' figures *cough*Citadel*cough*. 

23 August 2022

Star Schlock: Union Heroes

They're wearing white so they must be the good guys.

19 August 2022

I got kicked off Facebook. Boo hoo.

Ugh. How am I supposed to entertain my tens of fans with crappy memes and photos of the dogs?

12 August 2022

STV-714 Scrapyard Bot

The STV-714, or "Stevie" as it's universally known, is a large bot used to move heavy items around. They're mostly used in scrapyards and can usually be found lugging bits of junk to the melting pits. 

11 August 2022

Season of Scenery: The Waymarkers

The Wayfarers line a lonely path through the gloomy forest. No one knows why they're there. No one knows who made them. No one knows what their esoteric carvings mean. No one knows why all three can't be in focus at the same time.

8 August 2022

Season of Scenery: Ruined Temple 3

Garrick the Bold, his sword drawn, makes his way cautiously up the steps of the ruined temple. He's been tasked by his monarch with killing the feared red dragon, but as it comes into view he's beginning to think that maybe the princess' hand in marriage and half the kingdom probably isn't worth it.

4 August 2022

Making a static grass applicator

I have a GCSE in electronics. I am, strictly legally speaking, an adult. Let's do this!

1 August 2022

CA-562 Star Opal

After a long slog in front of the laptop, I've finally reached the dizzying heights of the BBC's special effects department circa 1976.

30 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Ruined Temple 2

Dewi stalks his domain, his rage building, his anger shaking the temple to its very foundations as he desperately searches for his contact lens.

29 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Ruined Temple 1

Dewi lords it over his lair hidden deep in the wilds of the... er... kitchen. 

28 July 2022

Y Ddraig Goch

A bit of a break from sci-fi, scenery and sci-fi scenery today. Here's a bloody great big red dragon.

25 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Landing Pad 2

Betty stands in front of her spaceship on its landing pad, wondering when the idiot in charge of giving it a new paint job is going to stop buggering off on tea breaks and actually finish the bloody thing. 

24 July 2022

Heavy metal

The landing pad is being finished, so for now you'll have to slake your thirst for quality content by going somewhere else checking out this quartet of robotic chums.

20 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Landing Pad 1

Obviously it isn't finished yet, and at this rate it might be done by 2045.

18 July 2022

Federated Territories Police

"Sir, are you classified as human?"

11 July 2022

Heroes and villains

More sci-fi minis! These are a bit of a mix with a touch of pop culture.

6 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Sentry Turrets

I picked these up in the toy aisle at the Dollar Tree in Bennington for the grand total of — wait for it — $2.50. In British, that's just over two quid. Yep, these awesome turrets each cost about the same as a Snickers. Amazing. Dollar Tree has now become my happy place for buying cheap toys to use in scenery and conversions, and believe me there's more of this kind of stuff to come in future posts.

4 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Dragon Plant

I'm very glad nothing like this lives in the forest that surrounds our house. 

2 July 2022

Alien nation

Discovering what's available on Etsy must be like discovering crystal meth, only I'm pretty sure that crystal meth is cheaper and less addictive.

29 June 2022

Star Schlock: Necronauts

If there's one thing Scooby Doo taught me, it's that glowing green space skellingtons are SCARY!

28 June 2022

Star Schlock: Bystanders and Star Raiders

I saw these minis on Kickstarter a while back, but as the campaign was ending I didn't bother picking any up. I did join the Star Schlock mailing list, and a couple of weeks ago I received an email telling me the minis were available to buy on the site. I headed over there, and needless to say my ATM card took quite a kicking.

17 June 2022

Amazon War Party

Personally speaking, I'd surrender on the spot.

14 June 2022

Amazon Command Goup

These lovely ladies have spent the best part of two years in a cardboard box, so it's about time they were brought into the light and painted up. 

10 June 2022

Frostgrave Cultists

Quick disclaimer: I have no idea what Frostgrave is. I just thought these figures were cool.