11 August 2022

Season of Scenery: The Waymarkers

The Wayfarers line a lonely path through the gloomy forest. No one knows why they're there. No one knows who made them. No one knows what their esoteric carvings mean. No one knows why all three can't be in focus at the same time.

8 August 2022

Season of Scenery: Ruined Temple 3

Garrick the Bold, his sword drawn, makes his way cautiously up the steps of the ruined temple. He's been tasked by his monarch with killing the feared red dragon, but as it comes into view he's beginning to think that maybe the princess' hand in marriage and half the kingdom probably isn't worth it.

4 August 2022

Making a static grass applicator

I have a GCSE in electronics. I am, strictly legally speaking, an adult. Let's do this!

1 August 2022

CA-562 Star Opal

After a long slog in front of the laptop, I've finally reached the dizzying heights of the BBC's special effects department circa 1976.

30 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Ruined Temple 2

Dewi stalks his domain, his rage building, his anger shaking the temple to its very foundations as he desperately searches for his contact lens.

29 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Ruined Temple 1

Dewi lords it over his lair hidden deep in the wilds of the... er... kitchen. 

28 July 2022

Y Ddraig Goch

A bit of a break from sci-fi, scenery and sci-fi scenery today. Here's a bloody great big red dragon.

25 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Landing Pad 2

Betty stands in front of her spaceship on its landing pad, wondering when the idiot in charge of giving it a new paint job is going to stop buggering off on tea breaks and actually finish the bloody thing. 

24 July 2022

Heavy metal

The landing pad is being finished, so for now you'll have to slake your thirst for quality content by going somewhere else checking out this quartet of robotic chums.

20 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Landing Pad 1

Obviously it isn't finished yet, and at this rate it might be done by 2045.

18 July 2022

Federated Territories Police

"Sir, are you classified as human?"

11 July 2022

Heroes and villains

More sci-fi minis! These are a bit of a mix with a touch of pop culture.

6 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Sentry Turrets

I picked these up in the toy aisle at the Dollar Tree in Bennington for the grand total of — wait for it — $2.50. In British, that's just over two quid. Yep, these awesome turrets each cost about the same as a Snickers. Amazing. Dollar Tree has now become my happy place for buying cheap toys to use in scenery and conversions, and believe me there's more of this kind of stuff to come in future posts.

4 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Dragon Plant

I'm very glad nothing like this lives in the forest that surrounds our house. 

2 July 2022

Alien nation

Discovering what's available on Etsy must be like discovering crystal meth, only I'm pretty sure that crystal meth is cheaper and less addictive.

29 June 2022

Star Schlock: Necronauts

If there's one thing Scooby Doo taught me, it's that glowing green space skellingtons are SCARY!

28 June 2022

Star Schlock: Bystanders and Star Raiders

I saw these minis on Kickstarter a while back, but as the campaign was ending I didn't bother picking any up. I did join the Star Schlock mailing list, and a couple of weeks ago I received an email telling me the minis were available to buy on the site. I headed over there, and needless to say my ATM card took quite a kicking.

17 June 2022

Amazon War Party

Personally speaking, I'd surrender on the spot.

14 June 2022

Amazon Command Goup

These lovely ladies have spent the best part of two years in a cardboard box, so it's about time they were brought into the light and painted up. 

10 June 2022

Frostgrave Cultists

Quick disclaimer: I have no idea what Frostgrave is. I just thought these figures were cool.

5 June 2022

Black Troll Render

Man, I wish I'd found this chap in time for Monster May(hem). Oh well.

3 June 2022

Monster May(hem): Possessed Chaos Dreadnought

Here it is, my main Monster May(hem) project I've alluded to over the past month. Hopefully I didn't big it up too much. Also, it occurred to me while writing this post that the conversion and painting took longer to do than writing my 15,000-word dissertation on the invasion of Grenada.

31 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Keeper of Secrets

There's nothing like spending a humid Saturday morning scraping dried glue off a Chaos daemon. At least I'm assuming it's dried glue. This is, after all, a Slaanesh daemon.

27 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Chaos Renegade Slaanesh Rider

Another Monster May(hem) post, another chance to get an older mini out of the Magical Box of Unloved Lead and painted up. Yay!

21 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Chaos Dragon Ogre

Although I was never into Warhammer Fantasy Battle back in the day, I always liked seeing the figures in 'Eavy Metal and the dragon ogre was one that stood out as being pretty cool. So when I spotted one for sale on Ebay in October 2020 — or as I like to think of it, "that time when I had money" — I snapped it up. I think it's either a second or third edition model. I did see a classic first-edition one but it was priced at over $100, so yeah but no.

17 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Muccins

There's a rustling in the undergrowth that you can't identify. Peering closer, you see what looks like a mouth on legs standing in the tall grass. You just about manage to whisper "what the..." before you're swarmed by small creatures. All you can feel is teeth before darkness mercifully envelops you...

16 May 2022

14 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Tomb Tapper

Holy crap, that's one of the best mini photos I've ever taken. Watch me forget to do it next time.

8 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Hell Hounds

Oops, wrong photo. Although at times this pair does qualify as hell hounds, especially if a squirrel farts anywhere in the forest outside the house.

6 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Hastur la vista

Of all the Cthulhu: Death May Die minis, Hastur is by far the creepiest. He was also by far the hardest one to paint.

4 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Queen of Hell

I have the distinct feeling that this queen doesn't like corgis.

3 May 2022

Squealer Squad Two

After overcoming my cold, I pressed on with these little chaps and finished the second batch a couple of days ago. I'm well happy with how they turned out, and I'd like to introduce Samantha, Bruno, Tim, Rasher and Jim.

27 April 2022


Baz, Kez and Tez are ready to cause some mayhem. The fourth member, Maz, was lost during the group's prolonged adventure in the fabled realm of Spaire Roomia and is badly missed as he had all the snacks.

25 April 2022

Squealer Squad One

I've managed to fight the stinking cold I caught from somewhere (hint: Alicia) long enough to finish the first five Squealers, so may I present, from left, Neville, Spike, Sarge, Chops and Wendy.

21 April 2022

'Yeah, you in the tank. Cozy in there?'

In case anyone is wondering, the headline for this post comes from the last line of the pilot episode of The Walking Dead. It's also the first time we're introduced to the awesomeness that is Glenn.

18 April 2022

15 April 2022

Masque of the Killing Joke

In case either of you were wondering why my output has dropped this month, meet the reason why. Oh, and you might recognise a couple of these chaps.

8 April 2022

1 April 2022

Fungal Queen

I'm really in two minds about this one: one mind thinks that my painting of the figure is not too good, and the other part thinks it's pretty good. Happily, my mind does agree that the base is awesome.

29 March 2022

Zombie Shark 2: Basing Boogaloo

Say hi to Simon the zombie shark. Yes, I should have called him Bruce.

28 March 2022

D'Khul, Bathalian

You seem malnourished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?

22 March 2022

Orc Warrior of the Ragged Wound Tribe

Ig, as I'm calling him from now on, is one of the minis I've had the longest: he's spent four years in the Magical Box of Unloved Lead. Four years! He'd have got less for committing an insurrection. Anyway, Ig was a freebie that came with one of my first Reaper orders, and back in the dim dark days of 2018 I wasn't really interested in painting him.

21 March 2022

Some more scenery

As well as painting figures, setting up Zombietown and fannying about with a lightbox, I also got around to some more scenery pieces: three shipping containers and another billboard. 

16 March 2022

I finally bought a lightbox

If there's one thing that bothers me about my minis, it's the photography. I'm hoping this new toy will help improve it.

14 March 2022

Welcome to Zombietown

Foxtrot, Edna, Tony and Rhianna take cover behind the barricades as a swarm of zombies heads down Main Street. They're the last line of defence against the undead horde.

11 March 2022


Death is everywhere, but in this case he was on the floor beneath my desk and behind my footrest. I only found him thanks to dropping a brush last night, and I banged him out this morning for something to do that wasn't the dishes or laundry.

10 March 2022

9 March 2022

Chaos Renegades 2

Two more twisted creatures crawl out of the Warp to spread mayhem and terror across the galaxy. But enough about the dogs, let's talk about the minis.