30 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Minotaur Lord

What's this? A non-Etsy model? What's going on?

27 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Shambler

Imagine taking a stroll through the forest and suddenly being attacked by an ambulatory salad.

23 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Calden Keep: Goliath

The thousands of dead in Calden Keep have reanimated in this giant suit of necromantic armour. Glowing with the souls of the slain, the Goliath seeks new victims to increase its power in the real world.

14 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Fungal Troll

I've finally got around to finishing what was going to be my first entry to this year's Monster May(hem) challenge until I got annoyed with it and did the Jötunn Moder instead.

12 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Jötunn Moder

I'm running late with this year's Monster May(hem); by this time last year I'd knocked out three models. But finally here's my first entry in 2023's challenge.