28 November 2021

Angels of Sorrow

The angel statues outside the abandoned crypt seem to be in slightly different positions and poses every time you see them, but that's just your imagination, right? Right?

25 November 2021

Warhammer Undead Chariot: Finished!

I guessed this would be a bit of a sod to paint, and I wasn't too wrong. But happily the painting and basing went well in the end... I just wish I could say the same for the final steps.

16 November 2021

11 November 2021

Warhammer Undead Chariot: Horses

After bringing the primed chariot from the garage to the spare room, I discovered I'd forgotten to spray the undersides. So I took another trip downstairs and sprayed the unprimed bits white. While it was drying I decided to just get on with painting the horses.

9 November 2021

Mo'Vember: Dark Dwarf Pounder

I bought this bushy-bearded Reaper mini off Amazon last year, and if you're thinking "I bet he got it to get free shipping" you'd be right. At the time I didn't know Mo'Vember existed, so he's come in handy for this month's challenge. I've named him Hywel Rhysson and he's the first dwarf I've ever painted.

5 November 2021

Warhammer Undead Chariot

Way back in January I mentioned how much I wanted to make and build this chariot, and almost a year later I've finally made a start. It's just occurred to me that doing it for Zombtober would have been a good idea, but this is me we're talking about.

3 November 2021

Great Obelisk of C'thulhu

In the middle of a dark, forbidding forest, a stone obelisk has stood for as long as locals can remember. They speak of it in hushed tones and outsiders are advised to keep away from it. But some adventurous types believe there is a copy of the Necronomicon on its base, and have gone in search of the obelisk to secure the tome and its powers. The forest has quietly absorbed them.

2 November 2021

Apocalypse Me: An in-tents experience

A couple of zombies stagger past an abandoned tent on a patch of wasteground behind the inevitable convenience store. The decomposing body of its owner lies outside, oblivious to the shambling undead.