27 April 2020

Yes, it's a dumpster

Although I have a ton of basing stuff, I don't have much in the way of scenery (except for oil drums). I've seen this dumpster on Reaper's site and at Brookhurst Hobbies and in November I finally gave in to the voices and bought it. The ongoing apocalyptic lockdown has given me time to (at least attempt to) catch up on some of the Magical Box of Unloved Lead's contents, and why not spend a warm spring afternoon painting a dumpster?

23 April 2020

Zombie hunters part 2: This time they have guns

I've completed four more post-apocalyptic zombie hunters. From left we have Rex, Ebony, Madge and Barney. Unlike the previous team, these guys are armed with more than just baseball bats and chainsaws. Once again, three of them are familiar.

20 April 2020

Random Space Marines vol.1

Remember when I said I'd "accidentally" bought a load of Space Marine bitz on eBay? Well, here we go.

18 April 2020

Gone to the dogs


If you can't have a bit of fun with a hobby that involves painting small toys figures, then what's the point? Along with Space Mouslings, Reaper also does a series of horror minis in a style called chibi — basically, short and cute with large eyes. I bought two of the werewolf chibis, called Lon, to paint up as Cadbury and Erebus.

16 April 2020

Girls with guns


These cool scifi ladies were the first figures I bought from Hasslefree Minis, in late 2018. From left we have Private Chapman, Lieutenant Thoran and Corporal Thoran, all sculpted by Kev White.

9 April 2020

Ana Polanscak miniatures

If I had a dollar for every new miniature Kickstarter I've missed out on I'd have about $4. When I stumbled across the Kickstarter for these figures in June last year, I thought about pledging and then realised I'd missed the cutoff point by two weeks. Classic me.

4 April 2020

Zombies on the cheap

Five zombies for $6.99? Sign me up! These Reaper zed-words are a cheap addition to my collection of shambling undead. Reaper names its figures, so allow me to introduce, from left, Ernest, Ronnie, Gracie, George and Reggie.