30 June 2020

More zombies

With all the zombie hunter posts I've been doing, I thought it was about time I posted some of the zombies they're hunting.

28 June 2020

Mister Mangel

mister mangel crooked dice miniatures

You're driving through the English countryside in the spring sunshine. A figure in a field catches your eye and you pull over for a better look. It's a scarecrow stuck in the brown earth, the sun glinting off a rusty sickle that's been jammed in the bundle of sticks that forms its left hand.

25 June 2020

Random Space Marines vol.3

void dragons death guard tiger claws space marines

Here's three more of the Emperor's finest: from left, Marines of the Void Dragons, Death Guard and Tiger Claws.

23 June 2020

Daughter of Yog-Sothoth

harwood hobbies daughter of yog sothoth lovecraft

I don't know who sculpted this mini, but they did an awesome job. It really is horrifically repulsive.

21 June 2020

8 June 2020

Zombie hunters part 3: A bit of a mix

reaper hasslefree zombie hunters

Four more intrepid zombie hunters line up for your perusal. From left, say hi to Evie, Woolsey, Joanne and Taylor.

4 June 2020

Girls with guns 2

My first Girls With Guns post had a bit of a theme, as all the minis were from one company (Hasslefree) and were all from its futuristic soldier line. This time we have three minis from three different companies in three different genres.

2 June 2020