31 January 2023

Alien plants

Packman and Axon hang out in the Greenhouse after successfully completing their last mission. As they didn't go around the whole room I decided to post about the scenery I used.

29 January 2023

Space Station Zero Mission Ten: The Greenhouse

Two Muppets enter the Greenhouse, but how many will leave? Read on...

20 January 2023

Gnarly, Wildwood, and Skull Trees

Suddenly I stop, but I know it's too late... I'm lost in a forest, all alone — "A Forest", The Cure, 1980.

18 January 2023

Spawn of Change

Ooo. Nasty. I can't find anything about this monster online, so I don't know if it's an actual D&D character or an invented one. Either way, it's awesome.

5 January 2023

Calden Keep: Resurrected Goliath

A twisted giant of metal and bone and death and hate, the Resurrected Goliath strides through the ruins of Calden Keep in search of more victims to feed its strength.