29 June 2022

Star Schlock: Necronauts

If there's one thing Scooby Doo taught me, it's that glowing green space skellingtons are SCARY!

28 June 2022

Star Schlock: Bystanders and Star Raiders

I saw these minis on Kickstarter a while back, but as the campaign was ending I didn't bother picking any up. I did join the Star Schlock mailing list, and a couple of weeks ago I received an email telling me the minis were available to buy on the site. I headed over there, and needless to say my ATM card took quite a kicking.

17 June 2022

Amazon War Party

Personally speaking, I'd surrender on the spot.

14 June 2022

Amazon Command Goup

These lovely ladies have spent the best part of two years in a cardboard box, so it's about time they were brought into the light and painted up. 

10 June 2022

Frostgrave Cultists

Quick disclaimer: I have no idea what Frostgrave is. I just thought these figures were cool.

5 June 2022

Black Troll Render

Man, I wish I'd found this chap in time for Monster May(hem). Oh well.

3 June 2022

Monster May(hem): Possessed Chaos Dreadnought

Here it is, my main Monster May(hem) project I've alluded to over the past month. Hopefully I didn't big it up too much. Also, it occurred to me while writing this post that the conversion and painting took longer to do than writing my 15,000-word dissertation on the invasion of Grenada.