18 April 2021

PTCYAO! Whitney, Anime Heroine

Whitney is my last unpainted Reaper anime heroine. I got her in 2020 along with Sugar and Candy, both of whom are painted (for some reason Candy's never made it to this site). Anyway, with Paint The Crap You Already Own! still running I decided it was about time I painted Whitney.

15 April 2021

Zombie hunters part 6: Technically they're part 7

This is the first actual group of survivors I've painted since August! The last group was put up individually and you can see them here. These guys are all Hasselfree minis which I ordered in March but only showed up a week ago. From left we have PC Sam Ford, Katie, Parker and Aaron.

11 April 2021

PTCYAO! Plague Marines

Another painting challenge from Ann — titled “Paint the Crap You Already Own!” — means another chance to dig out some unpainted minis and get them done. So here's a squad of Plague Marines.

4 April 2021

Rusting a Mini Cooper S

The GT-R... Dear God, the GT-R. It's currently killing my will to live, so I thought I'd get another 1/43 car to bugger up as I was in the mood. As my closest dollar store only has a Ferrari in stock I went to the one in Bennington to discover it also had one model: a bright red BBurago Mini Cooper S. Here's Destiny looking dramatic in front of it.