23 May 2020

Random Space Marines vol.2

Another month, another trio of genetically engineered and heavily armed super soldiers. From left we have a Celestial Lion, a Flesh Tearer and a Space Shark Carcharodon.

21 May 2020

Slaanesh warband: Uden the Sinner, Chaos Sorcerer

Uden the Sinner sighed, the sound like the last breath of a dying man issuing from his golden helm. Behind their angled slits his eyes glowed an eldritch green.

"No, mortal," he said to the cowering girl. "That is very wrong." Holding up his Icon of Chaos, its metallic sheen reflected in the girl's terrified eyes, Uden moved closer to her cringing form.

"I distinctly remember asking for nonfat milk in my latte, and this appears to be full cream."

20 May 2020

19 May 2020

Slaanesh warband: Chaos Thugs

Meet the first two members of my Slaanesh force: Jilas, left, and Houmon.

17 May 2020

Monster Month: Burrowing Horror

I thought Tracy would be my only entry for Monster Month, but then the combination of an unpainted mini and a boring Friday produced this loveable chap.

16 May 2020