15 September 2020

Random Space Marines vol.5

Here we go again, this time with a Soul Drinker, a Salamander and an Iron Snake.

31 August 2020

On hiatus

With our move to New England only 11 days(!) away, I've packed away all my figures/paints/basing stuff and all the other accoutrements of the hobby. The boxes above contain all my brushes and paints along with a bunch of unpainted minis, bases, superglue and everything else I'll need to get some painting done once we're there.

22 August 2020

Zombie shark

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the display case, here's Simon the shark. Sorry, zombie shark.

Random Space Marines vol.4

Three more Marines, spanning 10,000 years of Imperial history. Guess which one's the traitor?

20 August 2020

Urban Zombies 2

I'm not sure why these are called Urban Zombies as they look like they're from the Victorian era. Whatevs. It took me a while to like these enough to buy them as I've never been a fan of zombies with weapons. But during a undead-buying spree back in February I decided to splash out on them, and for once it wasn't to get free shipping. 

16 August 2020


The penanggalan is a vampire from Malaysian mythology — a vampire with a bit of a twist.

13 August 2020


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Reddit.