12 May 2024

Monster May(hem): The Cultivator

And we're off with this year's Monster May(hem), the painting challenge I love so much and which I've taken part in since 2020. To begin, here's more Nurgle!

10 April 2024

Vomit Beast

Here's some more Nurgley goodness to put you off your dinner!

27 March 2024

Herald of Plague on Palanquin

How to spend $25 on Etsy with no conscious thought whatsoever.

5 December 2023

Vox Putrefriar, Pox Preacher

Vox Putrefriar wanders the land bringing the joyous news of Nurgle and his Gifts to people far and wide. He's also adept at leaving some Gifts behind to introduce the populace to the ways of Grandfather Nurgle.

31 October 2023

Zombtober: Fecalus, Greater Daemon of Nurgle

I wanted to do something different for this year's Zombtober instead of the usual basic zombies. After having a bit of a think, I decided on something Nurgle because a bag of pus and vomit held together by rotting skin, diseased tendons and some unearthly power qualifies, right?

5 October 2023

Hot Wheels rally diorama

I thought I'd put my scenery skill(s) to good use and knock up a small diorama for some of my Hot Wheels collection, namely the rally ones.