26 September 2022

Swarm Drones

I needed three swarm drones for a Space Station Zero mission, and at first I looked at buying some android models from either Reaper or Etsy. But then I remembered the five Iron Golems I'd got for the price of one thanks to an Amazon seller screwing up, so I dug those out of their box and set to work...

23 September 2022

The Vurasoor

The Vurasoor are a trio of female soldiers who were once part of a special operations team fighting for the Collective, an alliance of human colony planets. After a disastrous mission in which they were betrayed by their so-called allies, they abandoned the cause, repainted their armour and now fight for themselves.

20 September 2022

Space Station Zero Mission Two: The Repair Bay

I'm treating my first game of Space Station Zero as a training exercise, not only for the seven wallies who make up my team but also for the wally in charge, i.e. me. At the end of the first mission I rolled against a table and got a four, so next up is the Repair Bay!

15 September 2022

Space Station Zero: The first game

Well this was a massacre. I need a name for my team and right now The Muppets seems apt.

14 September 2022

The Sentinels

I meant to post this about 10 days ago as my final Season of Scenery entry, but totally forgot what with the sci-fi scenery and getting into Space Station Zero. And thanks to a cock-up on my part, there are no sentinels. I just couldn't think of another title.

12 September 2022

The scenic route to a game

In a twist of irony I've been absent thanks to being busy making a ton of scenery.

29 August 2022

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The galaxy can be a lawless place, with rogues, malcontents, ne'er-do-wells and general scum lurking on every planet. And that's just the cops. Don't get me started on the civilians.