27 July 2020

Slaanesh Warband: Chaos Warriors

slambo oldhammer chaos warriors slaanesh

Chainmail. How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways.

24 July 2020

Sister Hazel, Plague Nurse

Sister Hazel Plague Doctor

If anyone can think of a more apt mini to paint at this point in time, I'd love to hear it. Maybe a Plaguebearer wearing a MAGA hat?

21 July 2020

The Changed

harwood hobbies the changed

Harwood Hobbies makes four Changed figures, so today's mystery is "why did I only buy three of them?" Answers on a postcard, please.

18 July 2020

Gutrags, Stitch Golem

gutrags stitch golem reaper minatures

Another day, another impulse buy. I liked this chap partly because he looks like those odd little buggers in the movie 9 and because he's just creepy.

16 July 2020

Devil Girl, Supervillain

Devil Girl, Supervillain reaper miniatures

Devil Girl is from Reaper's range of superheroes/supervillains. She was an impulse buy as I thought the figure was really cool.

15 July 2020

Zombie hunters part 4: Town and country

hasslefree reaper zombie hunters

Today's post is brought to you by Cleo, Mike, Tony and Billy Joe.

12 July 2020

Slaanesh Warband: Daemonettes

oldhammer daemonettes slaanesh citadel

Five metal Citadel minis for the equivalent of six quid? Welcome to the 80s.

5 July 2020

Summer of Scenery: Warhammer Cottage

Photo from the original White Dwarf article. As if mine's going to look as good as this.
Dave over at Wargames Terrain Workshop has another challenge: make a piece of scenery or terrain. The challenge lasts through to the end of August, so I figured even I should be able to bang out something by then. I've chosen a project that I've wanted to make for ages and is a blast from the past: the Warhammer Fantasy Cottage, which first appeared in White Dwarf in 1990.