29 August 2022

The good, the bad, and the ugly

The galaxy can be a lawless place, with rogues, malcontents, ne'er-do-wells and general scum lurking on every planet. And that's just the cops. Don't get me started on the civilians.

24 August 2022

Girl power

All four of these minis are by Reaper, and they're really good sculpts with lots of detail that doesn't drive you up the wall like some other manufacturers' figures *cough*Citadel*cough*. 

23 August 2022

Star Schlock: Union Heroes

They're wearing white so they must be the good guys.

19 August 2022

I got kicked off Facebook. Boo hoo.

Ugh. How am I supposed to entertain my tens of fans with crappy memes and photos of the dogs?

12 August 2022

STV-714 Scrapyard Bot

The STV-714, or "Stevie" as it's universally known, is a large bot used to move heavy items around. They're mostly used in scrapyards and can usually be found lugging bits of junk to the melting pits. 

11 August 2022

Season of Scenery: The Waymarkers

The Wayfarers line a lonely path through the gloomy forest. No one knows why they're there. No one knows who made them. No one knows what their esoteric carvings mean. No one knows why all three can't be in focus at the same time.

8 August 2022

Season of Scenery: Ruined Temple 3

Garrick the Bold, his sword drawn, makes his way cautiously up the steps of the ruined temple. He's been tasked by his monarch with killing the feared red dragon, but as it comes into view he's beginning to think that maybe the princess' hand in marriage and half the kingdom probably isn't worth it.

4 August 2022

Making a static grass applicator

I have a GCSE in electronics. I am, strictly legally speaking, an adult. Let's do this!

1 August 2022

CA-562 Star Opal

After a long slog in front of the laptop, I've finally reached the dizzying heights of the BBC's special effects department circa 1976.