29 February 2020

An Ultramarine medic and a trip down memory lane

It's 1989ish. I'm in the corner of Flynn's attic flicking through the Warhammer 40,000 Compendium, one of the rulebooks for a roleplaying/tabletop war game that he's bought while Flynn gets on with painting his Blood Angels. I'm not particularly interested in playing the game but I am enjoying the batshit insane 80s artwork and the background stories.

21 February 2020

Fluke Shamblers

These horrible little buggers are by Crooked Dice and I think I'm safe in saying they're the first Crooked Dice figures I bought. I'm pretty sure I got them because they're so hideously horrible.

16 February 2020

Zombie hunters part 1

Here's the four post-apocalyptic zombie killers I've assembled so far. From left we have Louise, Berkeley, Felicity and Ray. Three of them are vaguely familiar, for some reason.

These aren't a team in the sense I play tabletop games with them, although the more zombies and survivors I collect, the more I think I should do something with them. I thought I had more post-apoc/zombie-rising type figures but this is it, which is sort of disappointing. Still, there are loads more out there for me to buy and paint.

13 February 2020

Antarctic Explorers

I've been interested in the early days of Antarctic exploration since I read Alfred Lancing's Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage (which I thoroughly recommend) back in 2001. Since then I've read a ton of books about those old-school explorers, so when I found a set of minis by EMP Games I ordered them immediately. That was in August 2018, and I painted them in July 2019.

10 February 2020

Zombie Suzi

As it was a rainy Sunday yesterday and the dogs decided that five minutes was enough for their morning walk, I had plenty of time not only to paint one of my new minis, but to bring both of you with me through the medium of crappy photography.

7 February 2020

Mi-Go are go-go

These are mi-go. The two on the outside are plastic Reaper Bones figures and the centre one is a metal mini by Crooked Dice Miniatures.

4 February 2020

Adeptus Ratstartes

Reaper Miniatures make just about every D&D mini imaginable. They also do a range of D&D figures that are basically mice. Meet the Mouslings.

Then, one day, someone (and by "someone" I mean "some utter god/dess") at Reaper decided to take some mouslings and put them in power armour.

I bought some back in 2018 in the middle of a Horus Heresy novel binge, and the Adeptus Ratstartes were born.

3 February 2020

Failed Experiments

These minis have long been on my want list. They're ridiculously inventive sculpts by Crooked Dice which come with three heads and four arms, meaning I get to inflict horrifying mutations on them. MMMWAHAHAHAAAA! The heads are: horrible mutation, simian/wolfman (both above) and human-size fly head. The arms include a tentacle, crab claw, huge hand, and robotic claw.

1 February 2020

Sgt. Oberon

I really don't like flight stands. The flight stand is that clear plastic rod you can see disappearing into Sgt. Oberon's hip. I'll give RBJ Games — they of the free dog — credit for not sculpting the figure so the rod disappears up somewhere else.