29 March 2022

Zombie Shark 2: Basing Boogaloo

Say hi to Simon the zombie shark. Yes, I should have called him Bruce.

28 March 2022

D'Khul, Bathalian

You seem malnourished. Are you suffering from internal parasites?

22 March 2022

Orc Warrior of the Ragged Wound Tribe

Ig, as I'm calling him from now on, is one of the minis I've had the longest: he's spent four years in the Magical Box of Unloved Lead. Four years! He'd have got less for committing an insurrection. Anyway, Ig was a freebie that came with one of my first Reaper orders, and back in the dim dark days of 2018 I wasn't really interested in painting him.

21 March 2022

Some more scenery

As well as painting figures, setting up Zombietown and fannying about with a lightbox, I also got around to some more scenery pieces: three shipping containers and another billboard. 

16 March 2022

I finally bought a lightbox

If there's one thing that bothers me about my minis, it's the photography. I'm hoping this new toy will help improve it.

14 March 2022

Welcome to Zombietown

Foxtrot, Edna, Tony and Rhianna take cover behind the barricades as a swarm of zombies heads down Main Street. They're the last line of defence against the undead horde.

11 March 2022


Death is everywhere, but in this case he was on the floor beneath my desk and behind my footrest. I only found him thanks to dropping a brush last night, and I banged him out this morning for something to do that wasn't the dishes or laundry.

10 March 2022

9 March 2022

Chaos Renegades 2

Two more twisted creatures crawl out of the Warp to spread mayhem and terror across the galaxy. But enough about the dogs, let's talk about the minis.

8 March 2022

Andromedan Hunter

Reaper's Andromedan Hunter, or Andy from now on, was going to be a Fembruary entry only I couldn't find her. I eventually dug her up on February 27, and as I was up to my neck in Vandorendra at the time I put her to one side for the time being.

6 March 2022

Chaos Renegades

I've always loved these old Renegade models and owned a couple back in the day, on which I did an appalling job with Titillating Pink, Snot Green and Red Gore (remember those colours?). I stumbled across this pair on Ebay last year and immediately bought them, and a couple of days ago I finally got around to painting them.