29 January 2020

Zarion Bloodnail, Evil Warrior

zarion bloodnail

It had been a difficult and exhausting journey. Zarion Bloodnail, scourge of the Sotha Wastes, defiler of Fruaq Ciliasan, sworn enemy of the Khalolies, had slain innumerable challengers to be here now, at this precise moment, to perform his annual vigil to the one — the only one — who had almost bested him. The blood of the last Llirid who'd stood in his way still dripped from Bloodnail's ancient battleaxe.

27 January 2020

Zombie strippers

Say hello to Reaper's zombie strippers, which are awesomely sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I've named them Lexus, Mercedes and Porsche. These decomposing disrobers have been on my radar for a while, and with my [NUMBER REDACTED] birthday rapidly approaching I thought I'd treat myself to some disintegrating dancers.

25 January 2020


rose hasslefree miniatures

There's a patch of wasteground on Beechwood Avenue where the old primary school used to stand until destroyed by a bomb on the afternoon of April 11, 1941.
Locals have long said that spot is haunted. Pedestrians say there's a cold patch as you walk past it. Kids dare each other to touch the walls, although few actually will. Dogs shy away from the area.
Some people even claim to have seen a small girl wearing a gas mask.
This is obviously rubbish.

But Rose is still waiting for her mummy.

24 January 2020

Guarding the treasure

Sir Guinemar the Righteous takes his loyal pooch Worral with him on all his adventures. Worral is a good companion, a devoted friend and useful for catching rabbits. He wears a jaunty hat with a feather in it because Sir Guinemar discovered that it makes his doggo an absolute babe magnet.

22 January 2020

Attic Whisperer

According to the Google: "This undead thing resembles a child's skeleton with the paws and grinning skull of a fox. It is gray and covered with cobwebs, and dust falls endlessly from its mouth. It holds a ragged stuffed child's toy, its eyes pierced by pins, in its skeletal, fox-like hands. The creature is dressed in a small sleeping gown that looks like it was partially burned in a fire, as if it were the remains of a child who had died in bed." 


21 January 2020

A different kind of mini

I painted this grave wraith by Reaper Miniatures in July 2018. It was the the first miniature I'd painted in 25 years, and I think I did an OK job on it.