29 April 2023

Night Goblins archers and fanatics

I know I said in my last post that my next model was going to be something a bit more veggie, but I decided to hang on to that mini for Monster May(hem). So here are some more gobbos.

26 April 2023

Moon Idol

You can't have night goblins without a moon idol, right?

21 April 2023

Night Goblins

Despite being totally into 40k back in the day, I still enjoyed seeing Citadel's fantasy figures in the 'Eavy Metal section of White Dwarf. Along with everything Chaos, I loved Night Goblins. They might be nasty little buggers, but there was a lot of character and humour to them. So you can probably guess what happened when I found these tiny terrors on Etsy.