27 June 2021

Forgotten Heroes: Weird and pissed off

In case anyone is wondering, the title for this post comes from Clark in The Thing: "I don't know what the hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is".

22 June 2021

Taking a look at Cthulhu: Death May Die Season 2

I have a few shreds of sanity left after Monster May(hem) and it's not like I need them, so why not?

8 June 2021

Porkchop the Porkgre

Porkchop was part of RBJ Game's Yippers and Squealers Kickstarter, which I backed in December and received in March. I actually pledged for the Squealers core set, but when I saw him on the RBJ site I decided to pick him up too because let's face it, why would I not want a massive pig armed with a cleaver and meathook?

3 June 2021

Zombie hunters part 8

Here's another team of normal people forced to fight for their lives against overwhelming numbers of flesh-eating undead nightmares. Say hi to Lisa, Ken, Red and Beth.