5 December 2023

Vox Putrefriar, Pox Preacher

Vox Putrefriar wanders the land bringing the joyous news of Nurgle and his Gifts to people far and wide. He's also adept at leaving some Gifts behind to introduce the populace to the ways of Grandfather Nurgle.

31 October 2023

Zombtober: Fecalus, Greater Daemon of Nurgle

I wanted to do something different for this year's Zombtober instead of the usual basic zombies. After having a bit of a think, I decided on something Nurgle because a bag of pus and vomit held together by rotting skin, diseased tendons and some unearthly power qualifies, right?

5 October 2023

Hot Wheels rally diorama

I thought I'd put my scenery skill(s) to good use and knock up a small diorama for some of my Hot Wheels collection, namely the rally ones. 

26 September 2023

The Headless Horseman

"Their heads were not found severed. Their heads were not found at all."

24 September 2023

Gloom Creeper

I have no idea what this thing is, but I love it.

12 September 2023

Slaanesh Warband: Laviscus, Champion of Chaos

"YOU! Put that daemonette down and get me my coffee!"

27 August 2023

Dinosaurs! With laser guns!

How could I not buy these? It's like someone took space, laser guns and dinosaurs and said, "Hey, let's combine these into Matt's ideal childhood dream!"

30 July 2023

Season of Scenery: Hills

A cheerleader with a machine gun hangs out on the top of a rocky hill. Yes, it's another edition of "random female mini looks totally out of place on another bit of scenery" and this time it's Candy's turn to provide some scale.

25 July 2023

Season of Scenery: Rock outcroppings

Valkeeri Leader Jessica commands her troops from the top of a rocky outcrop. Yes, I've completed another Season of Scenery project!

17 July 2023

11 July 2023

Season of Scenery: Scatter Terrain

It's taken me way longer than I hoped, but I've completed my first Season of Scenery project.

24 June 2023

Forest pond

Well, well, well. Guess who's discovered the joys of resin?

23 June 2023

Giant Squig

You can't have night goblins without a giant squig, right?

9 June 2023

'Take us to your leader'

Truly, Etsy is the impulse buy section of the internet.

8 June 2023

Gob Marley

You can't have night goblins without a shaman, right?

30 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Minotaur Lord

What's this? A non-Etsy model? What's going on?

27 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Shambler

Imagine taking a stroll through the forest and suddenly being attacked by an ambulatory salad.

23 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Calden Keep: Goliath

The thousands of dead in Calden Keep have reanimated in this giant suit of necromantic armour. Glowing with the souls of the slain, the Goliath seeks new victims to increase its power in the real world.

14 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Fungal Troll

I've finally got around to finishing what was going to be my first entry to this year's Monster May(hem) challenge until I got annoyed with it and did the Jötunn Moder instead.

12 May 2023

Monster Mayhem: Jötunn Moder

I'm running late with this year's Monster May(hem); by this time last year I'd knocked out three models. But finally here's my first entry in 2023's challenge.

29 April 2023

Night Goblins archers and fanatics

I know I said in my last post that my next model was going to be something a bit more veggie, but I decided to hang on to that mini for Monster May(hem). So here are some more gobbos.

26 April 2023

Moon Idol

You can't have night goblins without a moon idol, right?

21 April 2023

Night Goblins

Despite being totally into 40k back in the day, I still enjoyed seeing Citadel's fantasy figures in the 'Eavy Metal section of White Dwarf. Along with everything Chaos, I loved Night Goblins. They might be nasty little buggers, but there was a lot of character and humour to them. So you can probably guess what happened when I found these tiny terrors on Etsy.

15 March 2023

Calden Keep: Wolf of Calden and Accursed Destrier

The Wolf of Calden commanded the final defence of Calden Keep against the peasant uprising. Slaughtered by the enraged citizens, he's risen from the dead to seek vengeance against those who hacked him down.

9 March 2023

Caw and rider

I've had this weird little chap for a few months and got around to painting him over the last week.

28 February 2023

Fembruary: Calden Keep: Ranged Deliverers

I've somehow managed to get a second Fembruary entry done right on the wire.

22 February 2023

Blightshroud Terminators

The first thing that hits you is the smell of corruption. In seconds it's a stench of rotting meat and waste, death and disease and putrefaction. Tears fill your eyes as the miasma flows into the room and in seconds the tears are mixed with blood. 

13 February 2023

Space Station Zero Mission Eleven: The Weapons Locker

Two Muppets. Two drones. As a much more famous space pirate once said, "I have a bad feeling about this".

11 February 2023

Fembruary: Order of the Azure Star

Fembruary has kicked off (well, 11 days ago) so here's my first entry: a squad of Sisters of Battle knock-offs!

31 January 2023

Alien plants

Packman and Axon hang out in the Greenhouse after successfully completing their last mission. As they didn't go around the whole room I decided to post about the scenery I used.

29 January 2023

Space Station Zero Mission Ten: The Greenhouse

Two Muppets enter the Greenhouse, but how many will leave? Read on...

20 January 2023

Gnarly, Wildwood, and Skull Trees

Suddenly I stop, but I know it's too late... I'm lost in a forest, all alone — "A Forest", The Cure, 1980.

18 January 2023

Spawn of Change

Ooo. Nasty. I can't find anything about this monster online, so I don't know if it's an actual D&D character or an invented one. Either way, it's awesome.

5 January 2023

Calden Keep: Resurrected Goliath

A twisted giant of metal and bone and death and hate, the Resurrected Goliath strides through the ruins of Calden Keep in search of more victims to feed its strength.