12 September 2023

Slaanesh Warband: Laviscus, Champion of Chaos

"YOU! Put that daemonette down and get me my coffee!"

What's this? A new post? Yes, I've finally got time to load up Blogger and bang out a bunch of words!

I picked up this absolute classic Oldhammer sculpt off Etsy for $20. After waiting two weeks for it to show up all the way from Malta, I immediately caught a bloody awful cold and only got around to painting it a couple of days ago.

After priming Laviscus white, I had a think about which colours to paint him. I decided to ban blue and pink as I'd already used those on my other Slaanesh champion, Phemorous Vardonai, which I painted back in 2020(!). I decided on black and green, and kicked off by painting all his armour Black before lightly drybrushing it with Park Green Flat to bring out the texture. 

The edges of Laviscus' armour plates were painted with more Park Green Flat, and I added a bit of White for the highlights. I then set about painting his tail (or is it an armoured sheath?) and gauntlet Black and highlighting them with some German and Neutral greys.

I got his right shoulder pad, which is sculpted into a daemonic face, out of the way with a basecoat of Averland Sunset, some Brass and a wash with Seraphim Sepia to shade in the details.

I was going to go with yellows for his actual skin tones, but then I thought a vivid green might be more fun so I again cracked out the Park Green Flat to basecoat his head, neck and two of his hands. Goblin Green worked very well for the first highlights and then I went in with some Moot Green to give him a very bright skin tone. I added a bit of white for the final highlights and he was looking good! A dab of Pink in each eye socket added to his daemonic look. 

And now for the details. I'm not sure why he's holding a scroll in his one hand — I guess it could be an ancient and powerful spell to summon a Keeper of Secrets or maybe it's just Laviscus' shopping list — but this is 1980s Citadel where anything went, and usually did. I painted it Chocolate Brown and gave it a once-over with Bonewhite and some Agrax Earthshade, but it looked way to dark so I added some Off-White to brighten it back up.

The Slaanesh icon on his chest is Averland Sunset and Dorn Yellow, and the ruffled undershirt below his armour is Off-White and White.

I really wanted his swords to be different to the usual metallic look, so I went with White because why not. The icons are Yriel Yellow and Light Turquoise and I gave in and did the cross guards Pink because Slaanesh.

Laviscus was based on a 1" square base covered in sand and painted Park Green Flat, daubed with Agrax Earthshade and homemade yellow ink, and highlighted with Bonewhite. 

He's such an excellent sculpt and a great example of 80's Citadel Chaos models, and he was a lot of fun to paint. He'll fit in well with my warband.


  1. Great work, Matt. I especially like the pale green skin. What a terrific sculpt from arguably Citadel's golden age of figures. :-)

  2. Well that was a total blast from the past Matt, I applaud you for going away from the standard colours associated and using Nurgles colour instead as it still works. His tail cover is supposed to be a leather cover, which is also studded, whoever sculpted it has obviously never worn anything studded or they would have known how much pain they actually cause the wearer rather than adversaries ! LOL

  3. Haven't seen this sculpt in a long while. Crazy 80's silliness abounds in all those details and your colour scheme works nicely with that in mind.

    Do you have the original Realm of Chaos books so you can make a warband with him and Phemorous?

  4. Oh, I had never seen this one in greens and I have to say he looks much better that I could imagine. What a bold scheme and a cool job! Looking awesome!

  5. This looks great, Matt! This mini pre-dates my time in the hobby so it is new to me. Not only is it a nice sculpt but I like the non-traditional color scheme too. Who knew green didn't solely belong to Nurgle (and the Dark Angels and Salamanders for that matter)!

  6. John@justneedsvarnishThursday, September 21, 2023

    I haven't seen this figure before Matt, but he looks spot on in your colour scheme! :-)