5 December 2023

Vox Putrefriar, Pox Preacher

Vox Putrefriar wanders the land bringing the joyous news of Nurgle and his Gifts to people far and wide. He's also adept at leaving some Gifts behind to introduce the populace to the ways of Grandfather Nurgle.

This is another 3D print I picked up on a whim because I thought it looked cool. It's supposed to be more of a 40K figure, but as daemonic forces can include technology I decided he'd fit into my growing Nurgle army.

I kicked off by spraying Vox with grey primer and then  gave his cloak, or what's left of it, a couple of coats of Plaguebearer Flesh contrast paints to give it a nice manky green colour. I highlighted it with some Elysian Green and Death Guard Green, and then decided to go in a different direction by using Skeleton Bone contrast to add a brown tone. I added a little Filthy Brown to the contrast paint to do the highlights.

As I've painted so much green recently, a nicely rotting purple skin tone would give me a break. All of Vox's exposed rotting flesh was painted Warpfiend Grey before getting a once-over with some Magos Purple contrast paint to deepen the colour and add shading.

I added highlights using Warpfiend Grey mixed with Genesetealer Purple, and then painted the tentacles and boils Warlord Purple and layered on some Pink Horror and Emperor's Children. A mix of Dead Flesh and Beige gave me a nice pus colour and I dotted it onto the boils. 

With the actual preacher done I moved on to the details. Vox's staff, through which he broadcasts the joys of giving oneself over to Grandfather Nurgle, was painted with Iron Warriors and then several coats of the gooey remains of my Agrax Earthshade. It was in such a state that I didn't paint it on so much as dab it on. Once I'd got a nice dark metal look I went over it with daubs of Fresh Rust to give it that decayed Nurgle look. I did the cylinder under his arm the same way, and then painted the tubes coming from his face Park Green Flat and Dead Flesh.

The bell on his belt is Bronze, Seraphim Sepia and Verdigris.

I put a bit of torn-up cork on the 40mm base, sealed it with black Mod Podge and then gave it a very basic zenithal prime by drybrushing white from the edges back to the centre. I went over the whole thing with Ork Flesh contrast paint to get a nice dark green basecoat and then drybrushed Moot Green and Yellow Green over it, again going from the edges to the centre.

I wanted something slimy and swampy, so I used UV resin mixed with a little Yellow Green to do the liquid effect. It's incredibly easy to use; you just place the resin where needed (I used a curved sculpting tool) and use the UV light to harden it. I did it in small areas and built up layers of resin closer to the cork to get a deeper colour. 

Before adding the resin I placed some maggots on the base to up the ick factor. I'm sure Nurgle is pleased with the result.


  1. Great addition to your ever increasing Nurgle force Matt, totally agree that this character fits in 40K or fantasy, and the purple/pink skin really marks him out as a character.

    1. Cheers, Dave! I hope Nurgle is OK with me using Slaanesh colours on this guy LOL!

    2. As they don't hate each other, should be alright ! LOL

  2. Really nice work, Matt. Love the subtle highlights!

  3. Eeeek, this gruesome abomination is hideous! (and I mean that as a high compliment!!)

  4. Revoltingly good brushwork.

  5. This is downright disgusting, Matt! Its a very cool sculpt and your basework is very inspired too. A lot of Nurgle stuff is pretty drab in color so its nice to see some brighter colors used on this pus-filled lad :)

  6. Some great colors on this guy, and I always admire your purple paints. I have to say though, I'm obsessed with that base! It's got the sliminess I've tried to capture in the past, but also the super vibrant toxic color that can be hard to get. I for one would love to see a guide on this UV resin secret weapon! :D

  7. John@justneedsvarnishSunday, December 17, 2023

    That is one seriously unhealthy looking individual, Matt! :-) Looks really good in that sick kind of way that only Nurgle's followers can!