3 May 2022

Squealer Squad Two

After overcoming my cold, I pressed on with these little chaps and finished the second batch a couple of days ago. I'm well happy with how they turned out, and I'd like to introduce Samantha, Bruno, Tim, Rasher and Jim.

I stuck to the palette I'd used for the others, with just one deviation thanks to me having a total brain fart. One thing that hit me while painting the seventh one was that they have sleeves, and I'd been painting their arms in pink flesh tones. Oh well, too late now, so the final four also got the pink treatment, and again I wasn't too worried about perfectly matching the skin colours.

As per usual in my life there was one weird issue: I made all their bases last week in one go, and upon finishing them I discovered two had vanished. I have no idea what happened to them (although there is a gremlin somewhere in the spare room) so I had to dig out the modelling paste and sand and remake them.

Samantha is second only to Wendy when it comes to bringing enemies down with her bow.

I decided to go with a one-colour outfit for Sam, using Blue-Grey, with Flat Earth for her helmet.

Tim and Jim are twins, and both are skilled at using their choppers (oooer!) to great effect on opponents.

Tim's in Blue-Grey and Chocolate Brown, and Jim is painted Calvary Red and Orange Brown. Their shields have an awesome design and look really good when finished, and again I used Filthy Brown, Casandora Yellow and Averland Sunset to get the pumpkin look.

Bruno is the squad's oldest member, a survivor of many battles and a teller of many tall tales about his past escapades. 

This is where I had my brain fart: for some inexplicable reason I painted Bruno's tunic Caliban Green, which wasn't on my palette list but is what I used for the bases. Rather than repaint him I just went with it and used Loren Green for the second colour. 

Rasher hasn't been with the squad for long but he's already proved himself a crack shot despite his wonky eye.

I used Loren Green, Olive Green and Cavalry Red on Rasher, which is a good-looking combination.

So that's all the Squealers done, and here they are in one terrible photo group along with Wiggles the Warlock and Porkchop:

I posted the photo of the first squad to RBJ Games' Facebook page and got a shout-out from Benjamin Rodman, who works in art direction at RBJ, which was awesome! They really are cracking little sculpts and RBJ has more in this line, which I want to pick up at some point.

With the porkers done it's time to finally turn my attention to Monster May(hem). I've got off to a very slow start compared to last year and was prevented from painting yesterday thanks to agonizing toothache, which meant an emergency visit to the dentist. My British DNA strikes again! But I'm cracking on with my first entry today.

One last thing: Dai wanted a photo of the gremlins next to a regular-size mini to get an idea of their scale, so here's Baz, Kez and Tez with Sarge, Betty and a Primaris Marine:

Wow, they are tiny. Stay tuned for more, and remember: always know where your towel is.


  1. Another great looking piggy unit Matt, congratulations on the shout out from RBJ games, well deserved mate. Interesting scale shot at the end, those gremlins really are small ! Speaking of which have you tried luring the Gremlin in your room out with chocolate, it normally works, or start singing Hi Ho it's off to work we go, and follow it's dulcet tones, and make sure he doesn't hide your towel ! LOL

    1. Cheers, Dave! The shoutout from RBJ was really nice of them and pretty much made my day :-) I have not tried luring the gremlin with chocolate as chocolate doesn't last long in our house LOL!

  2. Lovely work mate, the painting really suits the figures to a tea! Well deserved on the shout out from RJB too.

    Oh and I love the colour you've used on the bases as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Thanks, Roger! The bases are just Caliban Green, washed with Druchii Violet and highlighted with Caliban Green and White. Really easy and pretty effective.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, Keith, they are cute little buggers!

  4. More great looking porkers! Congrats on the recognition from the designers too!

    Thank you for the scale shot! Those little guys are pretty much as tall as a 15mm scale fig from what I can tell. Tiny! I have a couple Grippli's (DnD Teeny frog people) that are the same - super quick to paint up! LOL

    Hope the tooth is sorted now mate. And speak for yourself on the "British teeth" stereotype - load of balls if you ask me as I've seen plenty of yanks with utter nightmare grills in the 20 years I've lived here! LOL

    1. Thanks, Dai, and glad you like the scale photo, it really shows how small the gremlins are.

      Only kidding about the British DNA, but I was a bit self-conscious about them when I lived in SoCal :-)

  5. Another super bunch of porkers Matt. You've certainly nailed painting pink!
    Always nice to get a shout-out in recognition of your work mate, well deserved mate๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks, Justin, and if there's one thing these Squealers have taught me it's how to paint pink :-)