30 July 2021

Season of Scenery: Barricades

Officer Neil, one of my new Hasslefree figures who'll get his own post soon, stands guard in front of barricades protecting the ruined convenience store. Rumour has it the world's last can of Coke is in there. 

28 July 2021

Making some moulds

As part of the ongoing Season of Scenery challenge, I want to make some urban barricades. They're way more suited to post-apoc/zombie games and 40k than weird eggs or fences or ruined chapels or skull rocks... well, the fences will probably work. I enjoy making the sci-fi or fantasy scenery, but I need to concentrate on one genre till I've got enough.

24 July 2021

Season of Scenery: Monster egg 2

A bit of a short update just to prove I'm alive and still working on this thing.

20 July 2021

Season of Scenery: Convenience store finished!

Berkely fires up her chainsaw to battle Suzi for the last roll of toilet paper. Yes, I've finished the store (FINALLY) and I'm happy with it, but pissed off with the crappy photos.

17 July 2021

Blood Angels Terminator Captain

An artist's impression of me when I saw this mini on Ebay.

14 July 2021

Season of Scenery: Monster egg

I saw this last month on one of the few Black Magic Craft tutorial videos I hadn't watched and wanted to give them a go. Luckily Alicia had bought some cheap hollow plastic eggs in Walmart at Easter, so I had the basic ingredients. In the interests of full disclosure, I will be copying a lot of BMC's work in terms of techniques as he did an awesome job.

12 July 2021