24 March 2021

Neglected but Not Forgotten: Lord Karghoul

I've got three of Reaper's evil warriors, so now it's time for one by Hasslefree.

According to my order history on Hasslefree's site, I bought Karghoul back in June 2019(!). I'm assuming he escaped painting because I stored him in a box that I usually use for basing bits. I have a "I'll just stick this here for now" approach to storing stuff, which is why we currently have three junk drawers in the kitchen. Anyway, he was removed from his little bag, washed, and painted for Ann's challenge.

As you can imagine, he didn't take long. Black primer, two coats of thinned Black and a gentle highlight with Gun Metal and he was 90% done. The highlights were pretty bright so he got a once-over with Black Wash, then I painted his shoulder spikes, armour trim and chaos emblem with Gold Brown as a basecoat for the Bronze.

His arms and axe are a separate piece, so they were done in the same way. The axe haft is just Orange Brown, Sepia Tone and Light Brown, and the head is Neutral Grey and Gun Metal. I decided on Bright Orange for his helm eye slits to give him an eldritch look. The horns are just Bonewhite and Sepia Tone.

I'm happy to finally get him painted. He certainly has that "evil warrior" vibe about him and looks pretty cool, although I can't help wonder what he'd look like in Slaanesh colours...


  1. Very nice work Matt, a simple colour scheme that looks very effective. As for the Slaanesh colours, sounds like a second one coming up ! LOL

    1. The more I look at him, the more I think he'd look awesome in pink and yellow...