21 May 2020

Slaanesh warband: Uden the Sinner, Chaos Sorcerer

Uden the Sinner sighed, the sound like the last breath of a dying man issuing from his golden helm. Behind their angled slits his eyes glowed an eldritch green.

"No, mortal," he said to the cowering girl. "That is very wrong." Holding up his Icon of Chaos, its metallic sheen reflected in the girl's terrified eyes, Uden moved closer to her cringing form.

"I distinctly remember asking for nonfat milk in my latte, and this appears to be full cream."

Here's Uden and his roomies freed from their packaging. I was originally going to use the sorcerer on the left but Uden's cool helmet made me change my mind. The small figure is a scarecrow familiar, which I might paint up once I've got more of the warband done. These guys are the oldest minis I've ever painted: the copyright date on their slotta tabs is 1985.

Here's a 1986 White Dwarf advert for their original range of Chaos sorcerers. Above the "os" in Chaos is Slargash the Defiler, on whom this mini is based. He's actually called Vol Warlord and is sculpted by Bob Naismith. I picked the name Uden the Sinner from this awesome site. Note the ad's purple background, which the page designer in me loves, and the bright green paint (Citadel's Bilious Green, sadly no longer available) on the bases.

Also, these minis cost two quid for two sorcerers and two familiars. That's about $2.50. Imagine being able to go into your FLGS and pick up metal Citadel minis for that amount. These days Games Workshop charges more than that for used sprues.

Sorcerers don't actually have to be aligned to a single Chaos power, meaning you don't have to paint them up in your force's typical colours. But I wanted Uden to be somewhat Slaanesh-y, so his robes are Vallejo Red Violet, which is a beautiful colour, highlighted with Pink and shaded with thinned down Army Painter Purple Tone. His shoes are Deep Sky Blue, with Grey-Blue for his fur cloak, although for all I know it could be his beard or hair.

His armoured bits are Vallejo Brass shaded with Sepia Tone to deepen the yellow and then highlighted with Brass. I basecoated the armour in Filthy Brown, a hue that's basically the world's greatest mustard in paint form and makes a great base for gold or brass.

I had an issue with his arms: his left arm is obviously wearing armour and a gauntlet, but I could not work out if his right arm and hand were supposed to be armoured or bare. In the end I went with armoured and painted it Brass.

The Chaos icon he's holding up is Silver washed with more Purple Tone to give it a metallic pink look, which is perfect for Slaanesh. His eyes are Army Painter Jungle Green, which I think make him look a bit more menacing: what is going on behind his helmet that makes his eyes glow bright green?

The ball on top of Uden's helmet — I'm sure there's a technical name for it somewhere — is Flat Blue mixed with some of my new Metallic Medium. I could have made the metallic colour the old-school way by mixing an ink with silver, but I needed to hit the $25 free shipping on Amazon last week so chucked the medium into my cart.

Part of me wishes I'd used the medium to mix up a metallic purple or blue for his armour. But the gold works and combined with the purple robes gives him a touch of Emperor's Children, which is very apt.

So that's three members of my warband done. I'm not sure which figure(s) I'll do next, so keep checking back.

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