9 May 2020


Blanche was bought simply because I saw her on Hasslefree's site and thought, "Oooo."

There was something vaguely reminiscent about her shoes, of all things. Anyway, I decided to give her red armour and began with Vallejo Red highlighted with Flat Red and Vermillion. Her trousers are English Uniform, and while I was adding the Japanese Uniform highlights I decided to google her and this popped up:

It's a painting titled Amazon Gothique. She was the cover image of the July 1986 edition of White Dwarf, which is why she was familiar to me. The image is by John Blanche, hence the Hasslefree mini's name, and is considered a classic. The background I used on her photos are an attempt to recreate the background in the painting. I'm not sure if they worked.

Anyway, once I'd got the red and browns out of the way it was time for her skin tones. Aaarrgh. As her face is so smooth I decided to paint it as a mask using Vallejo Tinny Tin highlighted with Army Painter Plate Metal. I realise this is total cowardice on my part, but faces are not my strong point and I thought it would add to her otherworldliness.

I couldn't get away with painting her hand and cleavage in metal, so I used paints from my Vallejo Malefic Flesh set. The skin was based with Pale Flesh and highlighted with Cold Flesh.

Her cape was a lot easier than I anticipated. It was given a coat of Vallejo Black Green and random scales were picked out in Olive, Yellow and Light greens. Her hair really did turn out well, and from this angle you can see the impossibility of her shoes. The hilt and pommel of her sword are Army Painter Mummy's Robe, which I decided on as I'm not a fan of painting bone colours. Her hair is Vallejo Off-White washed with Army Painter Purple Tone and highlighted with more Off-White and White.

I did a quick basing job with modelling paste, Vallejo Olive Green and a small stone.

Here's the original Games Workshop figure, called Kinky Chaosette (this was back in the days when GW still had a sense of humour). Apparently you could only get the mini via mail order and this little ad only appeared in the White Dwarf issue with her on the cover, so it's pretty rare.

But if you do find her, she'll cost a tad more than 75p. GW produced several versions of her...

...and even updated her for the 2018 Necromunda release.

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