28 February 2022

Fembruary: Vandorendra, Snake Demon

Try as I might, I cannot think of a single convincing story that will allow a six-armed, grey-skinned, flame-haired and firm-breasted snake demon to appear in the zombie apocalypse. Sorry about that.

27 February 2022

La Petite Sourie

Pam fends off a couple of zees outside the French cafe on the high street. Thoughts of delicate pastries and strong coffee briefly flit across her mind before she shakes them off and raises her pistol.

24 February 2022


As the zombies close in and Earl discovers he's out of ammo, he thinks back to those Friday night 40K games and finally knows how his Blood Angels felt when they were overrun by poxwalkers.   

22 February 2022

Fembruary: Maika von Ostwald

Maika von Ostwald (real name Julie Smith) was attending a Renaissance Faire when people went from munching on turkey legs to munching on human legs. Luckily for her, the whopping Flammenschwert she's leaning on is not only real, she's also very good at using it, as the deadhead shuffling towards her is about to discover.

20 February 2022

Fembruary: Astrid, Half-Elf Bard

You go almost four years in the hobby without painting a female character called Astrid, and then two show up in the same month. Weird. Unfortunately, unlike the other Astrid I had no way of fitting her into a post-apocalyptic zombie setting so she's going to be one I painted for fun.

18 February 2022

Dogs Trust

Dr Zander holds a couple of zombies at bay outside the local charity shop. Ironically it's where he picked up his cool leather coat last year.

17 February 2022

Fembruary: Betty, Space Heroine

I've owned Betty since 2019 and totally forgot to paint her for last year's Fembruary so she was a must for this time around. She's a cool mini with lots of... er... character.