18 April 2020

Gone to the dogs


If you can't have a bit of fun with a hobby that involves painting small toys figures, then what's the point? Along with Space Mouslings, Reaper also does a series of horror minis in a style called chibi — basically, short and cute with large eyes. I bought two of the werewolf chibis, called Lon, to paint up as Cadbury and Erebus.

Erebus was painted first. She was pretty easy — just Army Painter Black highlighted with Uniform and Ash greys. I'm not sure why I picked Army Painter Ultramarine for her trousers; I should have gone with a teal shade as that's the colour of her collar and leash. Of course, I didn't own a teal shade back when she was painted but that's not the point.

Cadbury suffered a bit because I had a crap selection of browns back in the distant past that is summer 2018. I think he's Army Painter Monster Brown slathered with Strong Tone and highlighted with Monster and Leather browns. His trousers are Alien Purple (because Cadbury's chocolate comes in purple wrappers) and his belt is Lava Orange for reasons that totally escape me.

Their mouths were a bit of a problem; as these are Reaper Bones figures the moulding isn't too precise, so figuring out where their tongues ended was a bit of a bugger. Both are painted with Army Painter Chaotic Red and Orc Blood, with teeth in White and Soft Tone wash.

I'm particularly happy with the eyes, although I had to look up a tutorial on chibi eyes to get them right.

Their bases absolutely suck so I might be revisiting them in the future.

This is how Cads and Erry usually look in the dog park before engaging in yet another fight. As dumb as it makes me sound, it took me ages to realise that Lon is called Lon after actor Lon Chaney Jr., who played a werewolf in The Wolf ManAnd here they are in reality:

Yes, Erebus has nicked Cadbury's stick. This is my life now.

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