17 May 2020

Monster Month: Burrowing Horror

I thought Tracy would be my only entry for Monster Month, but then the combination of an unpainted mini and a boring Friday produced this loveable chap.

16 May 2020

13 May 2020

Monster Month: Dark Young

I'm taking part in Monster Month, a painting challenge set by Keith over at Dead Dick’s Tavern and Temporary Lodging. There's no prize, it's just a bit of fun open to miniature painters and bloggers.

9 May 2020


Blanche was bought simply because I saw her on Hasslefree's site and thought, "Oooo."

5 May 2020

Charlie, Lucy and Linus

Two things: 1) these three were my first zombies, and B) it was only months after they were painted and in my display case that I realised who they're named after.

3 May 2020

Arctic Explorer

This figure by Reaper was the second one I painted after the Grave Wraith. I painted him up for Alicia, who like me has long had a fascination with Arctic and Antarctic exploration. He's photographed in front of a porcelain iceberg she got at an exhibition about Ernest Shackleton's incredible Antarctic adventure, and to be honest "adventure" is putting it lightly.