22 August 2020

Zombie shark

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the display case, here's Simon the shark. Sorry, zombie shark.

I have to admit, I've long thought that Reaper's zombie shark is one of those "why does this exist?" figures. I've seen it on their website a number of times and skipped past it, but when I actually saw it at Brookhurst Hobbies I grabbed it without thinking. It's a great sculpt by Jason Wiebe and was fun to paint.

After cleaning up the minimal flash lines and priming Simon all over with Vallejo Neutral Grey, I painted the top half with Blue-Grey and gave it a wash with Blue Tone. As there's loads of texture I drybrushed the top with more Blue-Grey and a touch of Ghost Grey, and then accentuated some of the smaller details with more Blue Tone.

With the top finished, I gave it a coat of matt varnish, then hit the many, many wounds with Red. And Simon has loads of wounds; just when I thought I'd finished them I'd find another. Once they were done, I washed them over with some Green Tone to give them a bit of a rotten meat look before highlighting them with Red and a touch of Vermilion. And then I realised I'd forgotten to paint Simon's mouth, so I did that the same way.

Simon's underside is Silver Grey, shaded with Grey Wash. I used Ivory and a small amount of Ghost Grey for the highlights. His teeth are Ivory with a wash of Flesh Tone.

Some of you might be thinking, "That's the worst base in the history of basing" and you'd be right. With our move less than three two weeks away, virtually all my basing stuff is boxed up and my minis are packed in a new case I got from Amazon:

I really should have done a review of this case, but I'm not unpacking over 100 minis to take pictures as Alicia would kill me. Anyway, Simon's base can wait till we're settled in New England, as can the review.


  1. Great painting Matt, bet this model was very popular with pirate players after the 4 th Pirates of the Caribbean movie, at least this one doesn't have any skeleton parts showing as it's a cartilaginous fish and wouldn't have bones as such

    1. Forgot to say hope the move goes well

    2. I almost painted Simon's ribs in bone, but couldn't be bothered — I had no idea sharks don't have bones, so I escaped that mistake!

      Thanks for the good wishes; we're still packing our stuff up so we're in for a fun couple of weeks :-)

  2. Really nice work Matt, I could see that flying out of a "Zombie Sharknado" (How long till that rear it head on the Scfi channel I wonder).

    Oh and kudo's on not calling him "Bruce".

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Calling him Bruce didn't even cross my mind, and I can't believe I didn't think of it.

      I'm pretty sure we won't have to wait long for Zombie Sharknado to show up on SciFi :-)