1 August 2020

Tinley, Female Wizard

Tinley wears all black all the time, listens to Disintegration* on repeat and decorates her bedroom with Sisters of Mercy posters. She really wishes she was called Isobel but her mum still calls her Tinley.

This is another Reaper mini, and I really should buy shares in that company. Tinley Isobel (she's renamed after a goth girl I knew in high school) went through several colour schemes, five(!) in all, until I decided she'd look good as a goth chick, and not at all because black is easier to paint. Honest.

I'm not sure why she's a female wizard; I always thought female wizards are witches. I did google it but most of the answers started going on about Harry Potter so I noped out.

I think Isobel started off in a pale yellow dress, and that didn't work. After a month in the Magical Box of Unloved Lead she was dunked in Simple Green and repainted red. I didn't like how that was working, so she was then redone with light green, off-white and light blue until I gave up again and she went back in the box.

If in doubt, plaster it in black, so I after digging her out of storage I went for the easy option. She's highlighted with Reaper Nightshade Purple, layered on in thin coats over the folds in her dress. I've seen painted examples of Isobel online that have her with bare arms, but I chickened out and gave her long sleeves.

Her skin is Vallejo Cold Flesh from my Malefic Flesh set, with layers of Rotten Flesh from the Special Effects set (I cannot tell the difference between Rotten Flesh and basic white, but whatever). I gave her some heavy eye makeup and black lipstick for the full Patricia Morrison look, but her face definitely isn't one of my best. A bit of silver for her jewellery and red for her hair highlights and she was done.

Her base is a 30mm one covered in sand and painted green. The flowers are by World War Scenics (based in Wales, yay!) and I made the mushrooms from greenstuff and wire.

*How is this album 31 years old? I was SEVENTEEN when it came out, where's it all gone?


  1. Great work Matt, the purple highlighting on the dress works really well giving a crushed velvet look, the skintone for a goth is perfect. Rotting flesh has a slight tinge of green to it, but as green was often used in portraits it can be hard to spot the difference from plain white.
    Wizard is actually a 20 th century collective term for magical people, witches was the early term for female magical people and warlock for male

    1. Thanks, Dave! She's a bit of a throwaway figure but was fun to paint. Right, back to the cottage...

  2. I really like her, that's a great miniature in my books, and though you say it's taken several different colours to get where she is now I think the black and purple is definitely the right way to go. She does look like she could do with a good meal inside her though ;)

    Lovely basing to by the way. Cheers Roger.

    1. Cheers! I'm happy with the black and the way the purple highlights turned out. I think it was the right way to go. Thanks for the compliment on the base, for once me trying something different turned out looking good.