20 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Landing Pad 1

Obviously it isn't finished yet, and at this rate it might be done by 2045.

18 July 2022

Federated Territories Police

"Sir, are you classified as human?"

11 July 2022

Heroes and villains

More sci-fi minis! These are a bit of a mix with a touch of pop culture.

6 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Sentry Turrets

I picked these up in the toy aisle at the Dollar Tree in Bennington for the grand total of — wait for it — $2.50. In British, that's just over two quid. Yep, these awesome turrets each cost about the same as a Snickers. Amazing. Dollar Tree has now become my happy place for buying cheap toys to use in scenery and conversions, and believe me there's more of this kind of stuff to come in future posts.

4 July 2022

Season of Scenery: Dragon Plant

I'm very glad nothing like this lives in the forest that surrounds our house. 

2 July 2022

Alien nation

Discovering what's available on Etsy must be like discovering crystal meth, only I'm pretty sure that crystal meth is cheaper and less addictive.