18 February 2022

Dogs Trust

Dr Zander holds a couple of zombies at bay outside the local charity shop. Ironically it's where he picked up his cool leather coat last year.

17 February 2022

Fembruary: Betty, Space Heroine

I've owned Betty since 2019 and totally forgot to paint her for last year's Fembruary so she was a must for this time around. She's a cool mini with lots of... er... character.

14 February 2022

Fembruary: Astrid Berger, Female Spy

Astrid tells the others in her group that she worked in HR for a "boring government department" but her skills with a pistol leave them wondering if she's being truthful. Since the zeds starting munching on the living Astrid's been taking them out one at a time.

12 February 2022

The Chronicle

A couple of advertising executives, now reduced to mindlessly moaning zombies, wander endlessly around the newspaper building while doing nothing and being a pain in the arse... so no change there.

10 February 2022

Fembruary: Sasquatch

My best friend, Gareth, recently turned 50 a few days after me, so I decided to get him a pressie to mark the occasion. As he's a big fan of the Sasquatch legend I picked up this Reaper mini as a suitable gift.

6 February 2022

Fembruary: Natalia, Female Secret Agent

Movie star Cerise Jørgensen was dressed as her character Natalia Smirnoff for a photoshoot to publicize the new superhero movie Onyx Dowager when a passerby took a bite out of her hairdresser. Since then she's survived with the help of her acrobatic skills and a gun she found next to a dead cop.

3 February 2022