27 January 2020

Zombie strippers

Say hello to Reaper's zombie strippers, which are awesomely sculpted by Bob Ridolfi. I've named them Lexus, Mercedes and Porsche. These decomposing disrobers have been on my radar for a while, and with my [NUMBER REDACTED] birthday rapidly approaching I thought I'd treat myself to some disintegrating dancers.

Lexus originally called herself BMW as she isn't too bright, which makes her occasional cries of "BRAAAAIIIINNNSSSS" a touch ironic.

Mercedes was working as a stripper to pay her way through college, but doesn't have to worry about her student load any more. She's my fave simply because she's managed to hang on to her last tip along with most of the tipper's arm.

Porsche (real name Wanda Grzybowski) has been stripping so long she'd thought she'd seen everything, right up until her last lapdance customer bit a chunk out of her arm.

All of them were painted in my patented zombie formula: Vallejo Game Colour Dead Flesh followed by washes of Army Painter Green and Purple tones to get that mottled, manky skin colour followed by a glaze of Dead Flesh. Their eyes are dotted with Army Painter Mummy Robes and their clothing (what of it there is) was a case of "what colours can I shade/highlight successfully?" Porsche's are Vallejo Blue Green, Mercedes' are Vallejo Pink and Lexus' are Vallejo Blue Violet and her stockings are two coats of thinned Vallejo Black Wash and Army Painter Black. They're on 25mm urban bases by Aberrant Games.

The backdrop they're photographed against is the wall of a strip joint. Seriously. It's part of a set that you print, cut out, glue to card and assemble into a strip joint to use in tabletop games. I just printed one wall and taped it to Alicia's box of Post-It notes.

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