14 October 2020


According to the Pathfinder Wiki, sinspawn are "emaciated horrors with unnaturally long arms and legs". I didn't know that when I saw it on the rack of Reaper minis at Brookhurst Hobbies back in August, only that it looks creepy and cool. 

I didn't really know how to paint the figure so I decided on grey skin. Of course, the link above includes a photo of the same mini painted way better than I can manage, so yay there.

My paints are now contained in two art storage boxes instead of three racks, so I had to so some digging to find the colours and brushes I needed. This was when I discovered that most of my white shades are in a box in a storage pod in Albany. Bloody great. Luckily there's a games store in Bennington, so I was able to pick up a pot of Corax White.

I started this mini back in California last month and finished him in Vermont last week. I kicked off with black primer and used Vallejo Neutral Grey for the basecoat. From there it was a case of highlighting by adding white, and then working up to Ghost Grey. I added Black Wash to shade him and a few layers of thinned Ghost Grey for the final highlights.

His loincloth is painted with Pale Flesh from the Vallejo Malefic Flesh set, shaded with Umber Wash and highlighted back up by adding Ivory to the flesh tone. His eyes are Heavy Orange with a dab of Citadel Lamenters Yellow glaze, and his tongue is Red with Sunset Red highlights. After discovering that my pot of Bonewhite is also in the storage pod, it was back to Bennington to get some Citadel Wraithbone to do his claws.

My Liquitex Modelling Paste is in our storage pod, so I had to use Aleene's Tacky Glue to fill the recessed base, sprinkled it with sand and left it overnight to dry. I hit it with Chocolate Brown, a shade of Umber Wash and highlighted it with Flat Earth mixed with a bit of Ivory.

And would you believe it, my matt varnish is also in storage, so it was off to the Amazon to get more.

He is a really good sculpt with plenty of menace and is a good addition to my monster collection.


  1. Great work Matt, with undead and ethereal creatures you can use green or purple to shade, gives a great unearthly feel to a model, if your really daring you could use both !
    I hope you find all your bits soon, I know I'm still searching for bits and moved over a year ago (probably due to the amount os stuff in my room if I'm honest ! LOL)

    1. Thanks, Dave! I thought about using purple or green wash to add a tone, or even red, but I decided to go for a straight grey look. Talking of bits, I had to buy a new bag of sand for the bases too!

  2. Nice creepy looking figure that Matt, great colour choice too, Sometimes I struggle to raise the energy to walk to another room to retrieve modelling supplies, so I feel your pain mate!

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Our storage unit is an hour's drive away so it makes more sense just to buy the missing stuff. It's not like I'm not going to use it :-)