10 April 2024

Vomit Beast

Here's some more Nurgley goodness to put you off your dinner!

I'm pretty sure that this model is the non-union equivalent of Games Workshops' Bloab Rotspawn, only a bit smaller and about $60 cheaper. Either way, the idea of having a huge daemonic creature projectile vomiting all over Nurgle's enemies was too good to pass up, so I bought it.

I decided to go with a lighter scheme for this 'orrible chap just to get away from painting green again. I kicked off with white primer and then gave him two thin coats of Pallid Wych Flesh so he'd have a nice sickly skin tone.

To get a greenish tint I used Mortarion Grime, a Citadel shade that's a very transparent green-grey. A couple of coats resulted in the tone I was after and already he was looking good, and after a quick light drybrush with more Pallid Wych Flesh I was happy with it.

With the basic skin tone done I daubed some Vallejo Red Wash on his lower limbs and used a wet brush to thin it and pull it up his arms and legs in an attempt to make it blend into the whiter skin.

All of his many, many boils were dabbed with Dorn Yellow and had more red wash brushed over them to get a nicely sore, infected look. All six of his eyes were given a touch of Flesh Tearers Red and he was about 90% done.

I took a break from painting to make the base, using the usual cork tile and UV resin method. Once it was finished I glued the Vomit Beast to it and got on with the final steps.

I painted the foul stream of puke Black and then gave it a quick zenithal-type highlight with White. It was given a once-over with Ork Flesh contrast and then drybrushed with Moot Green and Yellow Green in much the same way as the base. I did think about covering the vomit with resin but honestly didn't see the point, and it looked good enough.

Finally it's time for the horns and claws. All of them were painted Black and then highlighted with Thousand Sons Blue and Alaitoc Blue. Blue isn't a colour that's associated with the Plague God but it works and again just gets me away from having to paint the usual bone-coloured horns.

I'm really happy with how the Vomit Beast turned out. The paler skin works really well for a Nurgle daemon and doing these colours made a nice change from trying to work out how to make a model look different while sticking to the more "official" colour schemes.

Coming up we have a lot more Nurgle, another Primarch and whatever else my ADHD-addled brain tells me to paint!


  1. Top stuff, Matt. Love the vomit spewing out of the mouth, and the base work is superb (as well as very fitting) too. Nice contrast between the spines and the rest of the monster's pale torso. A really great paint-job imho. Looking forward to the next Nurgle entry - as I'm dusting them down for some AoS.

  2. Bleaaargh!! This one is really great in all its ugliness. I mean, all the details are disgusting (in the best way, they look terrific!). I think you are right, the pale skin works perfectly. Top notch work!

  3. Excellent work Matt, using other colours works, as long as it still looks putrid, which I think you have achieved perfectly.

  4. Looks nice and sickly, Matt! Really like the color choices from the albino skin to the dark horns and red eyes. Nice contrast in colors. What size base is he on? There is a Rotspawn in Blood Bowl, but it might be a much smaller mini than this.

  5. John@justneedsvarnishFriday, April 12, 2024

    I think Suber's summed it up perfectly! :-) I am so glad it's a while since I've eaten!

  6. Who comes up with these designs!? :) That is foul even for a Nurgle mini but it is superbly painted, Matt!