10 November 2020

Lockdown Unit Challenge part 1

With my Slaanesh warband project progressing nicely and loads of time on my hands, you'd think I'd be churning out painted minis. Nope. We all have our slumps, and I'm no exception. Then Dave over at Wargame Sculptors decided to announce a Lockdown Challenge: paint a unit of troops, in any genre, and it gave me the kick in the backside I needed to hit the paints again. 

In case you're wondering the origins of the Lockdown Challenge, Britain is again under lockdown because of Covid-19 thanks to the current shower of shit that's running the UK being incapable of dealing with a problem that they can't ignore, lie their way out of or bribe to go away. With people shut in their homes again, Dave came up with the challenge as a way of giving us hobbyists a way of staying sane. Even though I'm no longer in the UK I joined in.

Back to painting...

Citadel did a whole range of Slaangor, some of which boasted the usual Slaanesh signs such as crab claws, Fiend heads, long tongues and so on:

Also note that despite Slaanesh units being six strong, Citadel sold them in packs of five.

As time went on the beastmen (for all powers) became more generic. The ones in the top photo are all Citadel minis, but only the middle one is a Slaangor*; the others are later, basic ones.  As it turns out, that centre figure is actually a Champion, but as I didn't know this when I bought him on Ebay I'll just use him as the beastman unit leader. As you can see, I've started painting the chainmail of the one on the right with a coat of Neutral Grey.

I actually started painting the unit yesterday but soon hit a snag:

I've painted the Care Bears. Once again I didn't bother to look up what the colours should be, and just followed the usual path when painting my warband: slap on the pink, electric blue, yellow, and so on. I even got as far as shading and highlighting the central model before I started thinking, "These guys look like cuddly toys. This can't be right, can it?"

No, it certainly isn't. According to the utterly classic rule/sourcebook Realm of Chaos: The Lost And The Damned, Slaangor have "white or near-white fur and pale or pastel skins". Shit, I've painted them the wrong way around. And I don't own any Simple Green. Guess I'll be going to Home Depot today.

But I can crack on with the other three, and I'll be getting those done as soon as I can.

*To explain: Slaanesh beastmen are called Slaangor, Khnorne's are Khorngor, Tzeench's are Tzaangor and Nurgle's are Pestigor, as even Games Workshop blanched at calling them Nurggor. The "gor" bit denotes a beastman with horns, according to The Lost And The Damned.


  1. Love your care bears Matt ! LOL the models you've chose are a great eclectic mix of old models and should look great as a band once painted. Have you considered wetbrushing bone over the fur areas and then a light drybrush of white to define the shape, so you keep the underlying colour with the offwhite fur that's described in the book ? I think it could look really striking with the different base colours but unify with the top two colours

    1. Thanks, Dave! They really do look like Care Bears and I need to redo them. I like your idea of overbrushing and might give it a go on the blue one. If I can get it to work then yay, if not, well I was going to strip the paint anyway.

      I've been looking at painted Slaangor examples online and there aren't that many, but from what I've seen I have a much better idea of how to do them now.

  2. Really nice figure Matt, though I do see the "Care Bear" reference regarding painting, I know I've said it before but I do prefer the older GW models over the new plastic ones.

    Oh and I agree totally with your summery of the UK government too! I'm back in lockdown (no going out!) till the start of December, and it now appears that I may not be able to have the new Vaccine either as I have a reduced immune system, so all good here (haha!) ;)

    Cheers Roger.

    1. Thanks, Roger! The older Citadel minis are just better in terms of imagination than the new plastic ones. I saw a box of plastic Chaos Warriors in my local game store last week, and they're not a patch on the classic Oldhammer ones.

      Hope you stay safe and well, matey!