2 July 2022

Alien nation

Discovering what's available on Etsy must be like discovering crystal meth, only I'm pretty sure that crystal meth is cheaper and less addictive.

29 June 2022

Star Schlock: Necronauts

If there's one thing Scooby Doo taught me, it's that glowing green space skellingtons are SCARY!

28 June 2022

Star Schlock: Bystanders and Star Raiders

I saw these minis on Kickstarter a while back, but as the campaign was ending I didn't bother picking any up. I did join the Star Schlock mailing list, and a couple of weeks ago I received an email telling me the minis were available to buy on the site. I headed over there, and needless to say my ATM card took quite a kicking.

17 June 2022

Amazon War Party

Personally speaking, I'd surrender on the spot.

14 June 2022

Amazon Command Goup

These lovely ladies have spent the best part of two years in a cardboard box, so it's about time they were brought into the light and painted up. 

10 June 2022

Frostgrave Cultists

Quick disclaimer: I have no idea what Frostgrave is. I just thought these figures were cool.

5 June 2022

Black Troll Render

Man, I wish I'd found this chap in time for Monster May(hem). Oh well.