14 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Tomb Tapper

Holy crap, that's one of the best mini photos I've ever taken. Watch me forget to do it next time.

8 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Hell Hounds

Oops, wrong photo. Although at times this pair does qualify as hell hounds, especially if a squirrel farts anywhere in the forest outside the house.

6 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Hastur la vista

Of all the Cthulhu: Death May Die minis, Hastur is by far the creepiest. He was also by far the hardest one to paint.

4 May 2022

Monster May(hem): Queen of Hell

I have the distinct feeling that this queen doesn't like corgis.

3 May 2022

Squealer Squad Two

After overcoming my cold, I pressed on with these little chaps and finished the second batch a couple of days ago. I'm well happy with how they turned out, and I'd like to introduce Samantha, Bruno, Tim, Rasher and Jim.

27 April 2022


Baz, Kez and Tez are ready to cause some mayhem. The fourth member, Maz, was lost during the group's prolonged adventure in the fabled realm of Spaire Roomia and is badly missed as he had all the snacks.

25 April 2022

Squealer Squad One

I've managed to fight the stinking cold I caught from somewhere (hint: Alicia) long enough to finish the first five Squealers, so may I present, from left, Neville, Spike, Sarge, Chops and Wendy.